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The experienced, respected personal injury attorneys of Palmintier Law Group are focused on obtaining favorable results for our clients. That’s why we do what we do — to help people get the maximum amount of compensation they can for their injuries.

We don’t leave money on the table or let big insurance companies get away with paying you less than what you deserve. We will fight to get you the full and fair financial compensation you deserve.

Recent Verdicts And Settlements

Below are just some of the results we have obtained for our clients. To find out how we can help you maximize your payout, contact us today for a free initial consultation.

$20.8 Billion — class action recovery as part of Plaintiff Steering Committee that was able to bring about the largest environmental damage settlement in United States history.

$8,254,077 — recovery for a highway defect/culvert resulting in catastrophic injuries to a family of four, including a minor child brain injured.

$3,750,000 — recovered against a company when its truck driver ran a red light and broadsided an elderly couple.

$2,800,000 — recovered against a trucking company when a dump truck pulled out from a shoulder in front of our client traveling on Interstate 12.

$2,675,000 —recovered for an industrial accident when the plaintiff was fatally exposed to poison gas while ordered to enter a reactor vessel to attempt to rescue another employee who was unresponsive.

$2,600,000 — recovery in a Wrongful Death/Survival Action involving a shooting at a hotel.

$2,465,000 — recovered against daycare and electrical company after an improperly maintained air conditioning unit electrocuted a 9-year-old.

$2,050,000 — recovered for the family of a woman killed in a motor vehicle accident on Interstate 55 in Mississippi.

$1,800,000 — recovered against a bicycle manufacturer for defective design/manufacture of bicycle rim, causing the sudden collapse of the rim.

$1,750,000 — recovered on behalf of a woman against a physician after failure to diagnose spinal compression hematoma, resulting in paralysis.

$1,450,000 — recovered against a hospital for failure to timely order testing, monitor, diagnose and react to the plaintiff’s condition resulting in aspiration, sepsis and brain injury.

$1,438,320 — judgment obtained for a local business when a national company bought the business and then failed to make the payments it had promised.

$1,424,209 — recovered from a school board for debilitating injuries from a rear-end accident caused by a school bus driver.

$1,400,000 — recovered against an industrial company on behalf of a husband and wife who were hit head-on by a company truck, suffering extensive orthopedic injuries.

$1,375,000 — recovered against a physician on behalf of the family of a woman improperly taken off of Pradaxa, causing a stroke.

$1,350,000 — recovered from a school board when a child with known brittle bone syndrome was left alone by her home school teacher and fell causing catastrophic injuries to the child.

$1,250,000 — recovered against an automobile manufacturer for defective design/manufacture of a vehicle, causing the collapse of a column during a crash.

$1,150,000 — recovered against a driver and youth organization when a teenager was hit by a vehicle while jogging.

$1,121,000 — recovered for a man hit by a vehicle while riding his bicycle.

$1,100,000 — recovered for homeowners living in close proximity to an industrial plant who suffered property damage after a plant explosion.

$1,095,000 — recovered against a trucking company when its truck driver made an illegal u-turn on LA Highway 137 in Richland Parish, causing fatal injuries to a young man.

$1,078,020 — recovery for a husband who was seriously injured in a car accident.

$1,050,000 — recovered from a trailer hitch manufacturer when the hitch locking mechanism failed and injured a man.

$1,020,000 — recovery for an industrial accident resulting in the paralysis of a young man.

$1,004,000 — recovered from a tire manufacturer for defective design/manufacture of a tire causing a blowout & killing a young mother of 4 children.

$1,000,000 — recovered from a college bar and fraternity after serving life-threatening amounts of alcohol to a minor resulting in his death.

$954,000 — recovered against a hunting club and an ATV manufacturer for loss of control of an ATV causing the passenger to be ejected from the ATV and strike his head against spikes protruding from the metal gate which had been designed and constructed unreasonably dangerous and without warning signs, causing severe brain injury.

$950,000 — recovered for a minor child against a physician for failure to diagnose Post Urethral Valves resulting in kidney failure.

$950,000 — recovered against a trucking company for a family when an 18-wheeler rear-ended the  husband/father in stop-and-go traffic on LA 1.

$900,000 — recovery involving a misdiagnosis by medical staff at a medical clinic and negligent acts of non-medical staff at a boarding school that led to the need for emergency medical treatment including but not limited to an ileostomy, removal of a portion of the colon and subsequent resection surgery of a 16-year-old girl.

$900,000 — recovered for the family of a woman killed in a motor vehicle accident on Carey Road in East Baton Rouge Parish.

$900,000 — recovered against a trucking company and contractor when a dump truck pulled out from the shoulder in front of a client traveling on US 61.

$900,000 — recovered against an offshore company after a well explosion injured a worker.

$880,000 — recovered from a company that improperly designed and manufactured a fence post driver causing severe brain injury.

$873,230 — recovered in a highway defect/unmarked curve resulting in catastrophic injuries.

$847,531 — recovered from a seafood restaurant and DHH on behalf of a man who contracted Vibrio Vulnificus after the restaurant’s failure to post statutory warning signs and DHH’s failure to enforce posting of warnings during its inspections.

$750,000 — recovery in a medical malpractice case for a failure to timely diagnosis an infection.

$705,000 — recovered for a young man against a physician for failure to diagnose resulting in kidney failure requiring a kidney transplant.

$581,859 — verdict in an auto accident against a drunk driver including punitive damages.

$487,500 — recovery involving a woman who fell through a rotted wooden bridge causing injury to her shoulder and knee, requiring shoulder surgery and extensive treatment of both shoulder and knee.

$400,000 — recovery for wrongful death/survival action involving a misdiagnosis in an emergency room.

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