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What many people fail to realize is that a wrongful death case is about more than the moment you lose your loved one; it is also about the weeks, months and years that follow. If a family member or friend passes away suddenly after an accident or after a struggle with profound injuries, those left behind must manage emotional trauma, extremely expensive medical bills, funeral expenses and the continued day-to-day impact of loss.

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When Is A Death A Wrongful Death?

Wrongful death cases often evoke an image of a sudden car crash where a passenger passes away on the scene. While this can be true, “wrongful death” also refers to any time a person’s death is due to another person’s recklessness or negligence, for example:

If another person did something dangerous or failed to take appropriate safety measures, resulting in a fatal loss, survivors can file a claim and collect a settlement. We can show that your loss was the result of the other party’s actions and demonstrate the full financial and emotional impact of your loss.

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