Injuries In The Workplace Can Be Debilitating

Very few people can afford a week without pay, much less months or years. Whether you are injured in an office or on a construction site, you deserve to be able to recover in peace without the stress and worry that lost income causes and without the dread of knowing that medical bills are about to land on your doorstep.

At Palmintier Law Group, we represent injured people across Baton Rouge and Louisiana as a whole to ensure our hardworking neighbors get a fair and complete settlement. This means listening to your story and applying our attorneys’ more than 85 years of combined experience to your case. We always give you honest advice, and we do not charge you.

Third-Party Liability: When Workplace Injuries Do Not Involve Your Employer

Most people are familiar with workers’ compensation cases, which protect you during most workplace accidents. What fewer people realize is that some injuries will not qualify for workers’ comp or are eligible for a separate personal injury case. For instance, if you are a commercial driver and another driver hits you during work hours, you can file a personal injury claim against the other driver independently of any workers’ compensation claim. The same is true for construction site accidents involving defective tools.

The Next Step Is To Work With An Attorney Who Can Navigate Your Case

Since 1975, Palmintier Law Group has been a dedicated personal injury and litigation law firm. We work with some of Louisiana’s most serious injury cases. You can trust us to look out for your best interests in the court and at the negotiating table. Most importantly, you can trust us to care about you and your future.

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