Public Adjuster Cases

To answer your questions:

Who is the target audience for the content (i.e., who are your potential clients)?

Anyone who hired a public adjuster

Who are the potential defendants (e.g., is it only the public adjuster in their personal capacity)?

Public adjusters and the companies by which they are employed

What legal claims do you bring (e.g., is the public adjuster overcharging or engaging in the unauthorized practice of law)?

Action to annul the contract as void and against public policy – public adjusters are legally barred from charging a contingency fee. However, some public adjuster companies actively advertise in Louisiana as doing so.

Are the claims mostly related to homeowners insurance? Or are there other types of insurance claims at issue?

Claims are related to homeowners insurance, but also all other types of insurance. We hope to specifically target persons who have hired a public adjuster in connection with insurance protecting commercial buildings and inventory.

What type of damages are plaintiffs entitled to recover?

Recission of the contract/return of the fee

Do/can public adjusters charge contingency fees in Louisiana?

No. See La. R.S. 22:1703

Do you offer free consultations to potential clients; charge on a contingency fee basis?

Free consultations, contingency fee contract