Fighting For Spinal Injury Victims Since 1975

Every day, men and women across Louisiana unexpectedly sustain damage to their spinal column. When they do, the cord damage can mean substantial loss of motor function, ongoing pain, paralysis and more. When their accident was due to another person or institution’s negligence, that person is responsible for the serious repercussions of the accident.

At Palmintier Law Group, our attorneys build on generations of legal excellence. Michael and Joshua Palmintier are a father-son team working with two excellent associates to protect the lives and well-being of Baton Rouge’s injured. We fight insurance companies to get our clients the best outcomes we can, today and every day.

Common Causes Of Spinal Column Damage

Spinal damage can be incredibly severe, leading to ongoing medical issues. Because of the high possible cost to insurance companies, both the severity of your injury and the circumstances leading to your injury are crucial in determining if you get a settlement and for what amount. Some common cases leading to compensation include:

  • Auto accidents caused by drunk or distracted driving
  • Workplace injuries, especially at industrial plants or construction sites
  • Defective product accidents, such as power tool injuries or malfunctioning tires
  • Other accidents caused by another person’s inattention or negligence

Depending on the situation, you likely face thousands in medical bills, a lack of income due to your injuries and a host of other bills and personal needs as a result. Our attorneys understand the confusion and struggle this situation creates for most victims.

Our Goal Is Simple: Help You However We Can

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