Construction Accidents Are More Common – And More Complicated – Than You May Think

Baton Rouge and other metropolitan areas depend heavily on construction work to keep their economies vibrant and growing. But this growth should never come at the expense of healthy workers and their families. When construction accident workers face life-altering injuries, they deserve full and fair compensation.

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Why Construction Site Injuries Require Extensive Legal Support

A construction site injury is almost never a straightforward thing because construction sites are very complicated places. There are many people, companies and investors with a major financial interest in the site’s progression and success. Unfortunately, for many of those involved, profit takes the priority over people, despite the often severe or even deadly injuries that result.

Our attorneys work for you, not against you. We go above and beyond to demonstrate your case, including by:

  • Examining all the evidence from the scene of your accident, including photos, documentation and witness statements
  • Working with doctors to get a full evaluation of your injuries and your ongoing medical needs
  • Employing accident reconstruction experts and other forensic professionals when necessary

Our team is on your side, and we use our extensive knowledge and resources to fight for a fair settlement.

Generations Of Workers Know They Can Count On Us

Our attorneys are glad to meet with you and talk through your injuries and legal options. We can come to you if your injuries leave you homebound.

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