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“It’s complicated” is often one of the first things people say when they try to explain how a conflict escalated to the point of litigation. The right lawyer can help make your difficult situation clear for negotiation and the court. When things are complicated, it is the right moment to get experienced help.

For generations, when Louisianans in the Baton Rouge area have been confronted with serious legal issues, our firm has provided top-tier representation. Our team of attorneys draws on over 85 years of combined legal experience, with all the knowledge and skill that entails.

The Different Types Of Dispute Resolution

In every case, whether you have a breach of contract or a dispute over a business interest, the process is largely the same. When you recognize that your situation requires legal intervention, your options include:

  • Negotiation: Sometimes parties can come to an agreement without a formal structure if they are willing to work together and have legal representation to assist.
  • Mediation: Mediation brings both parties together with a neutral third party who will assist in negotiations and recommend a solution. This is nonbinding.
  • Arbitration: Like mediation, a neutral third party hears each side of the conflict outside of court. The arbitrator will then determine a solution that is legally binding.
  • Litigation: In these cases, both parties go before a judge who will hear the case, apply the law and prescribe a solution. This can take place after any of the other options.

At Palmintier Law Group, we listen first. Then, we take strong and decisive steps toward a solution. We look for cost-effective, timely solutions that achieve your goals.

Generations Of Business Owners Depend On Us

Since 1975, our team of experienced, compassionate and trustworthy attorneys has relentlessly pursued justice for clients facing complex legal dilemmas that require litigation. Don’t delay in getting an experienced advocate on your side today.

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