How can you stay safe while entering your house after a flood?

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2023 | Property Damage Claims

In the time after a flood that led to water coming into your house, you may not know how to approach your house. After taking the necessary precautions and getting the clearance to go back again, you still need to use caution.

Learning more about tips that can help you when returning home after a flood can give you the peace of mind you want while navigating this situation.

Take notice of electrical wires and fire hazards

According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA, you should avoid using a match to light a candle or lighting up any flames in general in case there is gas inside your home. Take extra care when touching or getting near electrical sockets or anything that could give you a shock. This includes when you are walking through water, since there may be cords you cannot see under the water that are still active.

Stay clear of floodwater

Although you may have done so in the past, avoid drinking any water on your property until you know for certain it is safe from local authorities. Disposing of any drinking water that may have touched or mingled with floodwater can also help you.

Clean out unusable items

Learning the difference between items that you can wash and ones that you need to throw away can help you make safe decisions. This includes personal items like pillows, clothes, kids’ toys and mattresses.

By knowing which items and places are safe and which ones you need to avoid, you can protect yourself after serious property damage.