What is the process for flood insurance claims?

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2023 | Property Damage Claims

People living in Louisiana have experience with many different types of storms. It is common for there to be strong storms, which can cause damage to homes and buildings. Some storms have strong winds and the storms also can produce large amounts of rain and cause water damage through flooding.

Flood damage can be very devastating for people. It can cause structural damage to homes, allow different mold and bacteria to form inside the home and can destroy people’s personal belongings inside the home. Due to the devastation that flooding can cause, many people have flood insurance to help protect their homes and belongings.

Process of flood insurance claims

If people suffer flood damage to their homes, the first step they should take is to notify their insurance company of their damage. After contacting the insurance company, people should then expect a claims adjuster to contact them to set up a time to come to their home and inspect the damage.

It is important for people to document all of the damage to be able to present to the adjuster. Take pictures of all damaged property and have it available to show the adjuster. People should also take pictures of any structural damage to the home and be able to show the adjuster problems they found. Also, document the flood levels inside the home to be able to demonstrate the height of the standing water as the adjuster may not come right away.

After the adjuster comes, people will complete a Proof of Loss statement, which is the basis for the amount that people seek to receive to pay for all the damage. The adjuster will help people with this part. After the Proof of Loss is complete, people should expect to receive their check from the insurance company.

Flood damage can be very devastating for people in Louisiana. That is why flood insurance is important. It is also important that insurance companies pay for all of the damage. Sometimes, this does not happen though. There is a way to appeal these decisions. Experienced attorneys understand flood insurance claims and may be able to guide one through it.