Long-term damage of traumatic brain injuries becoming clearer

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2023 | Traumatic Brain Injuries

In recent years, concussions and their long-term impact has been a frequent topic of discussion. Often, this is linked to sports. However, for people in Louisiana and across the United States who suffer this type of injury, it commonly happens in other types of accidents like auto accidents and falls and work incidents.

Researchers are assessing traumatic brain injuries and conducting research to try and understand them better. This can be beneficial to treating them. Those who are concerned about this after an accident should factor in the long-term implications when weighing legal options.

TBIs and their long-term impact may have been downplayed in the past

As part of the information that has been accrued regarding TBI, it was recently revealed that people who have one moderate or severe TBI could have extended problems with brain functioning.

The information, from the Journal of Neurotrauma, says that people who have had at least three mild concussions could have damage that hinders them many years later. If it is a single moderate to severe TBI, this can cause damage that goes beyond memory problems. Nearly 16,000 adults were studied. They ranged in age from 50 to 90. Over four in 10 had suffered a minimum of one TBI on average 30 years prior to taking part in the research.

Although mild TBI is not believed to put a person’s life in jeopardy, it can still be a problem in the long run. Frequently, people have issues with maintaining attention and completing complicated tasks. This is known as “executive functioning” where people are organized and manage their lives in an effective manner. The more TBIs a person suffered, the long-term problems worsened.

Recognizing TBI and knowing the symptoms is key when seeking compensation

People might be under the impression that they will immediately know when they have suffered a TBI. However, that is not always the case. The symptoms are not always clear and people need to be cognizant to recognize them and get treatment.

They include unusual moodiness, headaches, loss of memory, inability to pay attention and more. If the issue is severe, they may have problems with their speech, be physically disabled and experience paralysis.

Treating and addressing TBI can be costly in myriad ways. After an accident, having help from professionals who are relentless, experienced and caring can make a major difference in achieving a positive outcome.