Dangers on I-10 lead to safety initiatives to reduce collisions

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2023 | Auto Accidents

While all roads in Louisiana can be dangerous, there are some that have more accidents than others. The Department of Transportation and Development is aware of the statistics and is consistently striving to make the state roads safer.

One road that is known to have a significant number of accidents is Interstate 10. This affects anyone who uses the road, but it is especially critical for people in East and West Baton Rouge as well as Iberville. Even with the DOTD trying to improve safety, people should still know what they might face if they are in an accident and have help.

Project will install warning systems to let drivers know of traffic ahead

The DOTD is moving forward with an $8 million project that will give drivers warnings when there is traffic, stalled vehicles or other factors that might force them to reduce their speed. This uses various signals and speed cameras to provide the alerts.

I-10’s 16 miles can be problematic when there is, for example, an automobile that has stalled. Drivers who are moving at 70 mph and are unaware of slowed or stopped traffic ahead may not be able to stop in time. This can cause a major crash in which people are hurt and lose their lives.

The detectors are designed to know when there is normal traffic flow and when vehicles are slowed or stopped. Once it is aware of a problem, the signals are activated. If there are no traffic issues, it will remain silent. This can benefit drivers in myriad ways. The objective is to prevent these avoidable collisions from happening with technology.

Even with safety initiatives, accidents will happen and people need to have assistance

Accidents happen for many reasons. It might be due to a driver behaving recklessly, driving under the influence, speeding, driving while drowsy or being distracted. In many instances, auto accidents are circumstantial and an unexpected event or problem arises and leads to a collision.

The well-meaning and meticulously planned warning system that will be installed on I-10 may reduce the number of accidents. Still, the likelihood is that people will still be injured and lose their lives due to catastrophic car and truck accidents.

People who are dealing with the financial, physical, emotional, professional and personal challenges from an auto accident should understand the value of having experienced help that knows the area and can assess an accident when determining a strategy to pursue compensation.