Helpful tips when filing a claim for hurricane damage

On Behalf of | Feb 9, 2023 | Property Damage Claims

Property damage from a hurricane is something Louisiana residents are all too familiar with. As we have seen with hurricanes in recent years, the resulting damage can be substantial, even causing you to lose your home.

Learn the details of your insurance policy

After the hurricane, you should contact your insurance company immediately. Find out what is covered and when the deadline to file a claim is.

Remember that your homeowners policy likely does not cover flood damage. Therefore, if you have separate flood insurance, you will have to file a separate claim.

However, you may be able to file for additional living expenses as part of your claim. This is an amount designed to cover the difference between expenses while you are displaced from your home vs. regular household expenses. Check to see if your policy allows this claim.

Your insurance company will send an adjuster out within 30 days. Before the adjuster arrives, there are many things you can do to prepare.

Take photos and videos

Do not do any cleanup until you have thoroughly documented all the damage through photo or video evidence.

There are likely to be some items that are permanently damaged. While you can remove them from your home to a secure location, do not get rid of them.

You can tell your adjuster about claimed property losses due to permanent damage, but the adjuster still needs to see the damaged property.

Keep receipts for any temporary repairs

You are probably going to need to make some temporary repairs before the adjuster visits, like boarding up windows or covering holes in your room. However, keep receipts for all repairs you make so you can show them to the adjuster.

After the adjuster has come to your home to review the damage, you can start making permanent repairs.

As you work with your insurance company on your claim, questions or complications may arise. Attorneys are ready and willing to guide you through the claim filing process.