Worker safety and the Move Over law

On Behalf of | Dec 2, 2022 | Auto Accidents, Workplace Accidents

Work accidents can happen anywhere in Louisiana. Among the most vulnerable workers are first responders and those working in construction.

These occupations place people in jeopardy, especially when they are required to work on busy roadways.

It is important for all drivers to remember the Move Over law and how it is meant to protect these workers.

AAA wants Louisiana drivers to be more attentive to the Move Over law

AAA is encouraging drivers in Louisiana to follow the Move Over law.

Under this law, drivers must change lanes when there is an emergency vehicle or road work ahead of them, if they can do so safely. If it is unsafe to do so, they are legally required to reduce their speed.

This applies to construction vehicles, maintenance vehicles, tow trucks, fire trucks, ambulances and police vehicles.

Every year, there are an average of 24 of these workers killed in roadside collisions. During times of extensive travel, these workers are in greater danger.

There are Move Over laws in every state as well as the District of Columbia. Still, AAA claims that around 23% of drivers are not even aware that the law exists, let alone know how to follow it.

Louisiana drivers can be fined $200 if they flout the law.

After this type of work accident, it is important to know what steps to take

When drivers ignore the Move Over law, they risk injuring or killing workers. As the holidays approach, this becomes even more essential as there will be increased traffic and the likelihood of workers tending to vehicles that have stalled, helping after accidents and making road repairs.

For people who have been hurt in this situation or who have lost a loved one, it can be costly in myriad ways. Lost time on the job, hospital bills, rehabilitation and the possibility of never being able to get back to the same type of work are common.

For help, injured workers and their families must remember their rights and consult with professionals experienced in industrial, construction and workplace accidents.