How hours of service regulations may play into your case

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2022 | Trucking Accidents

Semi-trucks can pose a serious threat to other motorists. Given their massive size, what would be considered a minor mistake in a passenger vehicle can have deadly consequences when made while driving a big rig.

Federal regulations are aimed at curtailing dangerous trucking practices, but the truth of the matter is that truckers and their employers often skirt these regulations to save themselves time and money.

If this happens and you’re injured as a result, then you need to take a closer look to see if you can use a regulation violation to support a personal injury claim.

Looking at hours of service regulations

One common place to look for violations is regulations pertaining to hours of service.

Here are some of the restrictions imposed by those regulations:

  • A mandatory 30-minute break after driving for eight hours
  • A maximum of 11 driving hours after 10 consecutive hours off duty
  • A restriction on driving beyond the 14th hour after coming on duty
  • A limitation on 60 hours of driving in a seven-day period or 70 hours in an eight-day period

There are other restrictions on trucking practices, which is why it may be wise for you to familiarize yourself with those that may be implicated in your accident. That way you can give yourself the best chance possible of recovering the compensation that you need.

Do you need help navigating your case?

There are a host of legal complications involved in a truck accident personal injury case. That’s why you may benefit from having an experienced legal professional by your side.

If you want to learn more about what having an advocate can do for you, then you may want to take the time to reach out to a legal team that you think would be fitting for your set of circumstances.