What are the most common types of construction accidents?

On Behalf of | Nov 7, 2022 | Construction Accidents

There are many potential dangers that exist on construction sites in Louisiana. While there are ways to neutralize some of these dangers, jobs in construction are generally more dangerous than jobs that require sitting at a desk.

It is important that they use the proper safety equipment and also understand the most dangerous situations at a construction site.

While there are many aspects of a construction site tha can be dangerous, some situations have more dangers associated with them than others and lead to more serious construction accidents.

Common types of construction accidents

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the top four causes of serious construction accidents are:

  • Falls: There are many construction projects that require workers to work at high heights. It is important that there are proper guard rails, harnesses worn, properly constructed scaffolding and other safety measures to prevent falls.
  • Being struck by a moving object: This could being hit by a truck or other heavy machinery as it moves around a construction site
  • Being caught in trenches: It is important to have the proper protections when working in trenches and other holes, especially those greater than five feet deep
  • Electrocutions: There are often various electrical lines that run over construction sites and it is important that workers are conscious of them to avoid running equipment into them. The wires used for various equipment also need to be properly grounded

Construction workers involved in construction accidents in the Baton Rouge area can suffer serious injuries and even die. Workers who are injured could miss significant time at work and incur significant medical bills as well. It is important that they are properly compensated.

Injured workers could be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits, but they also may be entitled to even more compensation through third-party claims depending on who was at fault for the accident. These accidents can be complicated matters and consulting with experienced attorneys could be beneficial.