A serious semi-truck crash deserves serious representation

On Behalf of | Nov 23, 2022 | Trucking Accidents

It is not unusual to see semi-trucks traversing Interstate 10, Interstate 12 or Highway 190 in Baton Rouge. We depend on these familiar drivers to transport the products we expect to see on store shelves. Still, the fact remains that collisions between automobiles and semi-trucks do occur and can be deadly.

The dangers of semi-truck crashes

Semi-truck crashes can be devastating to the drivers of the struck automobile. A semi-truck weighs tens of thousands of pounds, dwarfing a much smaller standard automobile. The force of the impact such a weighty vehicle brings can easily total a car and cause serious injuries or fatalities.

Causes of semi-truck crashes

There are a variety of reasons why a semi-truck driver could collide with another vehicle. Semi-truck drivers are often in a hurry, spurred on by employers, to deliver the goods in their vehicles as quickly as possible. This can lead to dangerous driving practices such as speeding, tailgating and drowsy driving.

In addition, it takes skill to operate a semi-truck. Semi-truck drivers in Louisiana need a special license and training to operate their vehicles. An inexperienced semi-truck driver could jack-knife, fail to stop in time or make another error that leads to a crash.

Seek help if you were struck by a semi-truck

If you were struck by a semi-truck and suffered serious injuries as a result, you likely are under a great deal of financial distress. One way to be compensated for the harms you suffered is by filing a personal injury lawsuit.

Depending on the circumstances surrounding the crash, you may be able to pursue a lawsuit against the driver and possibly the truck company. If so, you want experienced representation at your side. The Palmintier Law Group has handled semi-truck crash cases and can serve as a useful resource. Working with an attorney who knows state and federal laws and regulations, has access to reconstruction and safety experts and understands the damages suffered can be key in your semi-truck crash case.