Emotional trauma common after a crash

On Behalf of | Oct 7, 2022 | Firm News

We all know the lawyer tropes we see on television, fighting for injured drivers. Fighting for truck accident victims. Fighting. Fighting. Fighting. And, while that mentality is one that should be taken against greedy businesses and insurance companies looking to mitigate their negligence or the negligence of their clients, lost in this mentality is the real emotional trauma of a car accident.

Emotional trauma is normal

Violence causes trauma, and a car accident can be seen as an act of violence. As such, there is no wonder that emotional trauma is normal after a car accident. Indeed, in the immediate aftermath, you may feel shocked, worried, nervous and afraid. You may trouble believing what just happened. For some, these feelings go away, but for others it gets worse.

Kids can exacerbate the trauma

For parents, you may feel guilt, even if you could not avoid the accident. This exacerbates the parent’s personal emotional trauma, especially if the child was injured. You may find it hard to put your child into the car. You may begin isolating yourself and your children.

Post-traumatic stress

These feelings of anxiousness, anxiety and worry normally go away over time. However, where they get worse or do not go away, they may be post-traumatic stress. This can change the way your mind works and how you act. Indeed, when experiencing post-traumatic stress, you may always feel restless, and find that driving becomes impossible or traumatic by itself. Your sleep may be plagued with nightmares.

External symptoms

Your systems may not just be internal either. People may notice your irritability, quickness to anger and a withdrawal from family and friend activities.

Not something to face alone

As with all mental health struggles, you do not have to face them alone. While we may not think about mental health professionals in our everyday lives, they can be life savers, just like any other medical provider. The key is contacting them early in the process to help you cope.

And, your car accident lawsuit can include payment for these services. Make sure to tell your Louisiana attorney so that these struggles are added to your damages.