Burn injuries in the workplace are potentially devastating

On Behalf of | Aug 20, 2022 | Burn Injuries

Many factories, industrial sites and construction zones in the Baton Rouge area require their workers to be around and interact with chemicals that burn on contact.

Likewise, it is not uncommon for those who work in industry or construction to be around sources of intense heat or even open flames, including tools and heavy machinery. Working around open electrical currents is also common.

All three of these hazards can cause severe burn injuries. Serious or widespread burns are major and potentially fatal medical issues.

After a bad burn, the victim might suffer from serious medical complications, including aggressive infections, heart trouble and dangerously low blood pressure. As most people recognize, burning also leaves the victim scarred and disfigured.

Burn victims go through a lot of emotional and physical pain and will incur medical bills and other expenses as well. Depending on the circumstances, they may miss work for a long time or simply not be able to continue in their trade or profession.

Many burn injuries at Louisiana’s worksites are preventable

 The sad thing is that too many burn injuries at Louisiana’s workplaces are preventable.

According to an article published online through the University of South Florida, a good first step is for industrial and construction businesses to be aware of, and train key employees on, the government’s safety standards with respect to electrical currents, dangerous chemicals and other items and conditions that can lead to burns from fire or intense heat.

Businesses must follow all applicable safety standards. If they do not, they may be responsible for injuries to those at the worksite.

Businesses should be proactive about identifying burn risks even when there is no applicable regulation.

A victim of a burn injury at a factory or construction site may have legal options to recover compensation, even if they have already received workers’ compensation benefits.