Traumatic brain injuries can leave a victim permanently disabled

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2022 | Personal Injury, Traumatic Brain Injuries

The brain is one of the most important and most vulnerable organs in our body.

It controls all of our bodily functions, from reading or working on a project all the way down to critical functions like breathing and swallowing. It is vulnerable because it does not tend to heal itself. After a serious brain injury, the damage is permanent.

By definition, traumatic brain injuries are caused by a blow or other injury to the head.

After severe brain injury, a person can experience significant physical problems. The symptoms can include sleep problems, coordination issues, and frequent headaches. The most serious cases leave a person in a permanent coma or may kill the victim.

Someone who has suffered a major brain injury may also show mental slowness and demonstrate confused behavior or serious emotional problems.

A victim of a permanent brain injury may find it very difficult even to perform very basic life tasks. They may also not be able to return to their careers if the brain injury affected their ability to perform their work.

Not surprisingly, the financial and emotional losses the victim of a brain injury suffers are profound.

Most brain injuries are preventable

Sadly, most of the leading causes of brain injuries are preventable. Two major causes of traumatic brain injuries are falling and motor vehicle accidents.

Many motor vehicle accidents are not the responsibility of the victim but of a negligent driver.

Whether these drivers just were not paying attention or did something flagrantly reckless like driving drunk, the end result is the same. An innocent person suffers a severe brain injury that will likely change the whole course of their life.

Louisiana drivers responsible for causing traumatic brain injuries, and perhaps other legally responsible parties, should in fairness pay compensation to their victims.

Likewise, falling also causes many serious brain injuries. For example, many falls happen because a property owner or other business created or tolerated a dangerous condition that could lead to falls. Victims of brain injuries in the Baton Rouge area can seek to hold responsible parties financially accountable.