The Good, The Bad, The Defective Product

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2018 | Case Overviews

From the moment we wake up every morning, we use products that were made by someone else. We go about our day with complete faith that the products we use are fully functioning and safe. But what happens when that product fails us? Unfortunately, defective products often make it to market and innocent consumers are harmed.

Products liability is a special area of the law that applies to product manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, retailers and others who are responsible for injuries due to a faulty product. The Louisiana Products Liability Act (LPLA) applies to most victims who are injured because of a defective product in Louisiana. These defects might be in the product’s design or manufacturing process or the failure of the responsible party to warn consumers of a defect or potential danger.

The Palmintier Law Group is here to help those consumers. In fact, we have an extensive record of representing victims injured by defective products, from bicycles, automobiles and children’s toys to pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

One such products liability case was handled by attorney Neale deGravelles. Neale’s client was severely injured in a car accident and underwent significant shoulder surgery. During surgery, a medical device was placed into her shoulder. Shortly after the surgery, the woman’s shoulder became extraordinarily painful and was rendered largely nonfunctional. A treatment that was supposed to make her better actually made her much worse. Mr. deGravelles’ investigation showed the device that was placed during surgery had been marketed to doctors for a use that was not approved by the FDA. The investigation also showed that the company attempted to cover up testing data illustrating the severe damage to the shoulder that could result when using the product in an unapproved manner as the company had suggested to doctors.

The Palmintier Law Group was able to hold this company accountable for their wrongful actions and allowed our client fair compensation while also helping her begin the journey to a full recovery.

Over the years, the Palmintier Law Group has helped secure well over $300 million dollars for injured victims. If you have been injured by a defective product, please call our Baton Rouge office today at 225-325-0275.